Monday, February 7, 2011

Razmatazz Meraz

Dear Razmatazz,
First of all, sorry about the nickname. Everyone in our crazy family has to have one and you can blame your Aunt Netty for yours. Considering the nicknames I tried to give Porkchop (your cousin Erick), it could have been a lot worse! I kind of like it though- it has spunk.

This blog is going to be all about you. You aren't even here yet and already so many people are interested in you and can't wait to meet you. Your grami and gramps, grandpa and grandma, aunts and uncles can't wait to spoil you.  Scrunch already says that you are her best friend and I know that you and Porkchop will get into all kinds of adventures together. Your mommy and daddy are pretty excited too!

Sleep tight little one!


  1. I dubbed you and was your first blog follower. I think that makes me your favorite aunt.

  2. Sorry, but I am the "Great Aunt"

  3. After seeing the movie "Waitress" I totally decided I wanted to write letters to my unborn babies when the time comes. A blog is a great venue for that as well -- I'm so excited to see pictures of little Razmatazz as he/she grows!