Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Guardian Angel

Dear Little One,
You already know this but you are pretty lucky to be born into a family with their very own guardian angel! Your aunt Moraya has a full time gig making sure your aunts and I stay out of too much trouble. I'm also pretty convinced she worked extra hard behind the scenes to make sure your Grami and Gramps got together.You probably know her better than I do and are probably enjoying the time you guys are spending together while you get ready to come to meet our family.

Today was Aunt Mo's earthly birthday, she would have been 23. Since you are spending this one with her can you give her a hug and a kiss from all of us down here? And let her know that this one is for her...

Ezra, isn't it wonderful that families are forever? That one day, ALL of us will get to be together again. It is one of the most precious gifts our Heavenly Father has given us.

Love you,