Sunday, June 12, 2011

Labeled Ultrasound Pictures

Miqui, these are for you! :) (And for the rest of us that are not U/S reading pros. I had to have the ultrasound technician show me before I saw anything more than just a blob)

On Thursday I went in for my regular appointment with Dr. Nish. Unfortunately, Dr. Nish was a little bit concerned about Ezra's growth so he decided to send me to get another ultrasound. Turns out everything is a-okay and Ezra is actually measuring about 2 weeks ahead! This was definitely a relief for Jordan and I.
Grow Ezra, grow!!!

 Side profile

 Look at that button nose! The lump on cheek on the right side is his fist.

Sucking his thumb (he seems to do that ALOT!)